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Earnhardt Jr. breaks down art of making Doritos-pickle sandwiches

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. has strange taste when it comes to sandwiches.

The retired NASCAR driver-turned-broadcaster caused an uproar on Twitter in 2016 after tweeting about his love of banana and mayonnaise sandwiches, which he's been eating since he was a kid.

But that is "so 2016."

On the latest episode of his "Dale Jr. Download" podcast, Earnhardt revealed he's moved on to a new favorite sandwich: turkey or ham with pickles, mayonnaise, and Doritos.

"You put the mayonnaise down - 'cause Hellmann's is gonna say, 'Oh this is Dale's favorite sandwich. This is how you make it: He puts mayonnaise on both sides.' That's not true. They just want you to use more mayonnaise. Put mayonnaise on one side, put the Doritos in there because if they do break into small pieces, they stick to the mayonnaise. And then you put the meat, and then you put large pickles sliced long ways - not pickle chips, long sliced pickles and, deal.

"... The one thing I have to do is dry the pickle. So I take the pickle and put it on a napkin and dry it, pat it dry on both sides so the pickle doesn't soak into the bread. Let me tell you right now, if you’re going to count calories, you're going to enjoy what the hell you eat. You're gonna to make sure it's good."

Earnhardt will come out of retirement for one day to compete in Friday night's NASCAR Xfinity Series race in Richmond, Va. as part a contractual agreement with Hellmann's.

- With h/t to For The Win

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