VIDEO: Ronda Rousey makes appearance at Wrestlemania
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UFC women's bantamweight champion and noted wrestling superfan "Rowdy" Ronda Rousey made an appearance at Wrestlemania 31 on Sunday.

It. Was. Awesome.

Rousey, who refers to her group of friends as the Four Horsewomen and calls herself a Paul Heyman Girl, appeared in support of "Furious 7" co-star The Rock, a WWE legend. She even got physical.

The Rock interrupted a promo from kayfabe authority duo Stephanie McMahon and Triple H (who actually have a great deal of power in real life), panning to the crowd. McMahon eventually slapped The Rock, knowing he wouldn't strike back, at which point he left the ring and dramatically walked to Rousey at ringside.

Rousey hopped the guardrail, fist-bumped her pal and entered the ring, a truly surreal moment for any crossover WWE-MMA fans. (And please note the awesome shirt.)

McMahon tried to play nice with Rousey, but when Rousey wasn't having any of it, McMahon told her to leave "her" ring.

"Any ring I step into is mine," Rousey responded. "If you want me to leave, how about you make me?"

McMahon's husband (in real life and storyline) Triple H stepped up to do something about it, getting hip-tossed by the champ for his troubles.

Ronda throws HHH!

Then, of course, McMahon had to try her luck. And, well, she was lucky to escape with her arm still attached.

Ronda Rousey showing Stephanie who owns the ring. #WrestleMania

This was a ton of fun, and while the 28-year-old Rousey has plenty of Octagon life left in her, she'd make an unbelievable pro wrestler, too. 

Her "Rowdy" nickname was bestowed upon her by the legendary "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, the WWE has teased her entering the ring in the past and Rousey herself seemed enthusiastic about the potential partnership when her schedule slows down. Please, yes.

As for UFC boss Dana White, it doesn't seem as if he's too concerned about the appearance.

VIDEO: Ronda Rousey makes appearance at Wrestlemania
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