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Royce Gracie on failed drug tests: 'It shows that the system is working'

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The recent rash of high-profile fighters testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs is a clear indication the current PED monitoring protocols are reliable, according to MMA legend Royce Gracie.

"It shows that the system is working," Gracie told's Marc Raimondi. "You're trying to look at the bad side, I'm looking at the good side. Instead of trying to encourage people, 'Oh, let's ban MMA because everybody is doing drugs, let's ban NASCAR because they're advertising drinking and driving.' Let's look at the good side. 

"The system is working. Let's not try to put down the fighters because one fighter made a mistake, decided to party and do whatever."

Gracie is no stranger to steroid allegations himself. The former three-time UFC tournament winner tested positive for the anabolic steroid Nandrolone following a 2007 victory over Kazushi Sakuraba. The win was subsequently overturned and the California State Athletic Commission slapped him with a $2,500 fine and a one-year suspension. 

Gracie hasn't competed since.

"For 20 years since the UFC I was 178 (pounds)," Gracie said, denying any sort of PED use. "Today, I'm 178. I could live on fruits."

Former UFC middleweight overlord Anderson Silva is the latest high-level fighter to test positive for PEDs. "The Spider" vehemently denies any wrongdoing, and Gracie is willing to give his fellow Brazilian the benefit of the doubt until all the facts are laid out.

"You can't change the past, what he did," Gracie said. "I haven't talked to him, so I don't know. Not going to jump the gun."

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