Fighters react to Khabib's ultimatum
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UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov issued a lengthy statement Thursday morning defending Zubaira Tukhugov for his involvement in the UFC 229 melee and threatened to leave the promotion if his teammate was fired.

A number of fighters took to social media to express their opinions on the statement.

Double champion Daniel Cormier wasn't a fan of the incident, but supported Khabib and his teammates' loyalty nonetheless.

Former Light Heavyweight Champion Chuck Liddell found similarities between himself and Khabib.

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There we have it. Speaking out like a true Champ and fighter. This isn’t about the money for @khabib_nurmagomedov its about principle. It’s sounds crazy but sometimes in life somethings are not negotiable. I know that stands true for me. What those things are for me in my life may or may not be the same as Khabib. Perspective is incredibly important. I am not excusing his actions (as a known fighter and role model for many people I was embarrassed by what happened). I don’t want to see our sport turn into what people in the beginning thought was barbaric, however, i do agree that we fighters must hold ourselves to a higher standard and treat people with basic respect. I started out on the street and even in the street we all know there are things you just don’t touch. When you involve threats against a family, religion or nation you are playing with fire. Those things are sacred. I would never do it. That is principle for me. And regarding what happened between both guys the world has watched it and it all started before they got to the ring. It is extremely unfair for Khabib or any of his team to be treated or disciplined any differently than Conor would be. Conor should be fined and suspended if Khabib is. And the same goes with holding his purse. Why is Zubaira’s fight being canceled? He defended his brother like any real fighter would do!? Conor threw at least 2 punches before anyone went after him. How wrong have things gone? Is money making us blind? These guys are fighters and this is what they do. The institution has blurred the lines. They sell out for ratings and big pay days. Certain fighters have a carte Blanche to do what they want and get away with minimal penalties. Us fighters know once you “cross the line” all bets are off. Well here we are, Khabib is staying true to the fight game. It’s not about money it’s about respect and integrity. With fighters that the UFC invests its money in.; for example Brock Lesnar. The last time he entered the octagon. If he’d done that to one of my fighters it would’ve been on! Let me reiterate, The UFC needs to take back the control use this spectacle as a momentous opportunity to (read below contd)

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Artem Lobov, who was supposed to fight Tukhugov, wasn't a fan Dana White's vow to fire his scheduled opponent for personal reasons.

And, of course, Nate Diaz had his own opinion on the matter.

Fighters react to Khabib's ultimatum
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