VIDEO: Brock Holt adds insult to injury in Red Sox' blowout of Blue Jays

Blake Murphy
Kelley L Cox / USA Today Sports

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The Boston Red Sox set out to destroy the psyche of Toronto Blue Jays fans Monday night.

Plan A was lighting up starter Drew Hutchison for six runs over 2-2/3 innings. Plan B was bludgeoning the bullpen, leading to a 14-1 fifth-inning lead. If that hadn't done the trick yet, well, there's always a Plan C.

In this case, it was Brock Holy Holt robbing Dan Johnson of a meaningless hit in the bottom of the fifth, covering a good deal of distance and leaping to catch the ball near the top of the wall. 

Just look at that elevation and extension. Soaring like an F-5, really. He's truly the next big thing.

By the way, if you get the Plan C/Brock Holt reference, we can be friends.