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Zobrist said 'that's why we want an electronic strike zone' before ejection

Jon Durr / Getty Images Sport / Getty

Ben Zobrist made sure to get his money's worth before being ejected from Tuesday's game.

The Chicago Cubs second baseman took issue with a called third strike from home-plate umpire Phil Cuzzi in the ninth inning and was thrown out.

"I just basically said, 'That's why we want an electronic strike zone' and that's what obviously got me tossed," Zobrist told reporters after his first career ejection, per Josh Frydman of WGN News. "It is what it is. I'm not going to lie. When you're dealing with that, trying to have good quality at-bats and that gets taken away from you, sometimes your pride gets in the way and you (say) things that are going to upset them."

Zobrist has been one of the most vocal players in support of an electronic strike zone. After striking out to end a game last season, the 13-year veteran made it clear that he wasn't happy with how the game is umpired.

"If we want to change something like that, we're going to have an electronic strike zone because human beings are going to make mistakes," Zobrist said of umpire Mark Wegner at the time. "Tough situation for that to happen, but he's probably going to look at it and not be too happy with himself.

"That's something the league is going to have to look at, when you start ending games and games turn on one pitch like that. It's an unfortunate situation, and now that we have the technology, we should probably get it right."

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