MLB: Josh Hader won't be suspended, requires sensitivity training
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Major League Baseball released a statement Wednesday stating that Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Josh Hader won't be suspended for "unacceptable social media comments" that came to light during Tuesday's All-Star Game.

Hader's Twitter account was found to include racist and anti-gay speech from when he was in high school.

He will be required to participate in sensitivity training and enroll in diversity and inclusion initiatives.

The Brewers released their own statement from general manager David Stearns.

"We have been in contact with Josh and he is fully aware of the severity of the situation related to his social media comments, regardless of the timeline of his posts. His comments are inexcusable, and he is taking full responsibility for the consequences of his actions. In no way do these sentiments reflect the views of the Brewers organization or our community," Stearns wrote.

Hader addressed the comments following the game, saying, "I was young, immature, and stupid."

His Twitter account has since been deleted.

MLB: Josh Hader won't be suspended, requires sensitivity training
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