Lenny Dykstra: I put HGH in my cereal

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Lenny Dykstra, the three-time All-Star who once proclaimed himself a "pioneer" for performance-enhancing drug use, admitted Tuesday he used to spike his breakfast with illicit substances throughout his 12-year career, too.

During a candid interview with FOX Sports' Colin Cowherd, the 53-year-old - who was named in the Mitchell Report in 2007 and later confessed he used PEDs to "protect (his) job" - said he had put human growth hormone in his cereal back in the day.

"I put (HGH) in my cereal man. It was in my cereal," Dykstra said. "We're talking about the good stuff ... We're talking about the difference of making $30 million or getting a real job and working and making $60,000. What, do you want the guy next to you taking them and you're not going to take them?"

Dykstra, who helped the New York Mets to a World Series title in 1986 and carried the Philadelphia Phillies to a National League pennant seven years later, previously offered insight into his PED use in a 2010 book by former Forbes magazine bureau chief Randall Lane.

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"You gotta understand, there were only 28 people who had my job in the whole world," Dykstra told Lane. "And thousands of people wanted those jobs, and every year, there were guys trying to take my job.

"So I needed to do anything I could to protect my job, take care of my family. Do you have any idea how much money was at stake? Do you?"

Lenny Dykstra: I put HGH in my cereal
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