Casilla apologizes to Bochy for mound outburst
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Santiago Casilla had a change of heart.

One day after yelling at manager Bruce Bochy on the mound for lifting him from a save situation with two outs, the San Francisco Giants closer said he's spoken to, and made amends with, his manager.

"We had a good talk," Casilla told reporters Friday. "I just apologized for my outburst from yesterday. It's something that happened. I don't know what made me do it."

"A lot of times you let your emotions get the best of you," he continued. "Sometimes you say things without meaning it. After thinking about it overnight, I realized I have to respect my manager."

Casilla's anger stemmed from Bochy deciding to remove him from Thursday's game just one out shy of his 100th save as a Giant in favor of left-hander Javier Lopez - a move that paid off, as Lopez nailed down a 4-2 Giants win. The 35-year-old unleashed a torrent of words for his manager as he left the hill, and even turned back toward the mound to get some more in before Bochy gestured him away.


After the game, Casilla continued his tirade in front of the press, telling reporters "the manager didn't have faith in me," and that Bochy shouldn't "just take the ball and say nothing. It is not a kid. It is a man on the mound."

"You don't mind guys being competitive and not wanting to come out, but he probably got a little too emotional there," Bochy said after the incident Thursday.

He said Friday he'll go to Casilla in the ninth should the situation arise. He was also in a forgiving mood, saying everyone's moving on from the incident.

"That's not Santiago," Bochy said. "But I get it. It's part of it. It's over and I'll leave it at that. What was said, it's between us. It's over."

Casilla apologizes to Bochy for mound outburst
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