Woman says Neymar 'turned aggressive' after she said no to sex
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The woman who says Neymar raped her appeared on Brazilian television Wednesday, telling a TV network that the Paris Saint-Germain and Brazil superstar "turned aggressive" when she changed her mind about having sex.

Najila Trindade Mendes de Souza filed the allegation last Friday and shared her account on SBT Brasil five days later. She said she initially agreed to have sex with Neymar, according to ESPN.

"When I asked him if he brought a condom, he said no. So I told him that nothing would happen," Mendes de Souza said of their May 15 meeting in a Paris hotel room. "He didn't listen, he turned, and he committed the act. ... I said, 'Stop. Stop. No! Stop.' But he didn't say much. He only acted.

"I just want justice. He left me very traumatized. I want him to pay for what he did."

A video of an altercation purported to be between Neymar and Mendes de Souza was posted by Record TV on Wednesday, in which a couple is seen lying down before a woman appears to strike a man. "I'm going to hit you, you know why. Because you beat me up yesterday," the woman says, as reported by BBC News. The man subsequently defends himself with his feet.

Neymar admitted to meeting with Mendes de Souza twice but denied any wrongdoing. He posted a seven-minute video on Instagram hours after the story emerged, accusing her of extortion and showing WhatsApp messages between the pair, including intimate photographs of her.

Rio de Janeiro's cybercrime division is investigating the €222-million forward for displaying the images of Mendes de Souza on social media.

"What happened that day was a relationship between a man and a woman, within four walls, like with any couple," Neymar stated in his social media clip. "And the next day nothing much happened. We kept exchanging messages. She asked me for a souvenir for (her child)."

Neymar met Mendes de Souza on Instagram, she told police, and they exchanged messages until one of the player's representatives bought her a plane ticket to the French capital and booked a hotel room for her.

She says that Neymar entered the hotel room drunk at 8 p.m. and forced her to have sex 20 minutes later. In the TV interview, Mendes de Souza said Neymar was "aggressive" when she met him and "totally different than the boy that I got to know through the messages," according to BBC News.

Mendes de Souza is working with her second team of lawyers. The first group of lawyers parted company with her Saturday after she changed her complaint of "aggression" or "physical violence" to rape.

"He didn't fully believe me. I felt he was prejudiced," she said of a lawyer in the first legal team. "He portrayed it as if I'd not been raped, that I had wanted it."

When asked if her May 15 encounter with Neymar was an "aggression" or rape on the television broadcast, she responded it was "aggression together with rape."

Woman says Neymar 'turned aggressive' after she said no to sex
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