10 best photos of France's World Cup celebrations
Matthias Hangst / Getty Images Sport / Getty

As the rain poured down, the victorious French players collected their medals, hugged the country's president, Emmanuel Macron, and finally got a hold of the World Cup trophy.

Sunday's ceremony, following a 4-2 win over Croatia, capped a years-long project that began in the halls of Clairefontaine. France succeeded with the youngest starting XI in a World Cup final since 1978, including one special 19-year-old.

Here are the best images of a well-deserved victory:

What teenage dreams are made of

Dancing in the rain

All in the family

Sliding into the weekend ...

Behold greatness

Bleu, blanc, et rouge

Silencing the critics

Admiring the beauty


On top of the world

10 best photos of France's World Cup celebrations
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