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Ranking F1 liveries: How each team looks as 2024 season approaches

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The 2024 Formula 1 season feels a little bit closer now that all 10 teams on the grid released their liveries. Before the opening race in Bahrain on March 2, we rank each look.

10. Haas VF-24

We're not mad, we're just disappointed. There's nothing about the VF-24 that makes it stand out among the rest of the carbon fiber field. While the forward-facing view of the American-based car looks more sleek than its predecessor, the plain black siding leaves something to be desired. Haas tends to play it safe with most designs, making this car relatively forgettable.

9. Williams

What could have been. Had Williams leaned more heavily into its partnership with sponsor Gulf and the orange accents that come with it, we could have been looking at one of the most striking machines on the grid. Instead, we ended up with a rather generic look. A special midseason livery, like the gorgeous one the team unveiled for three races in 2023, could yet be on the cards, but the main offering is underwhelming.

8. Alpine

Did they run out of paint in Enstone? Alpine's 2024 offering is far too reliant on carbon fiber as the central design feature. How much weight are we really saving by running naked carbon fiber, people? For a team that delivered bright, bold cars last season, this was a serious letdown. The pink livery, in particular, could (and should) have been so much more appealing. Alpine is optimistic the A524 will be an upgrade on its unpredictable predecessor when it hits the track, but aesthetically, it's a step backward.

7. Aston Martin

While the yellow trim still seems a bit out of place, it's hard to feel too disappointed with the AMR24. The colorful Aramco branding now being featured on both the front and back rear wing feels like a minor improvement over the black front side of the wing from 2023. While there's quite a bit of carbon fiber, it feels like Aston Martin retained its identity by featuring enough green in the right places.

6. Kick Sauber

Bold is an understatement. After departing from title sponsor Alfa Romeo, Kick Sauber has undergone an identity shift, starting with a new name and color scheme for its C44. Although the highlighter green may be a little off-putting, it's definitely a welcome change from its predecessor's red and black design. Love it or hate it, the C44 at least tries to separate itself from the rest of the pack.

5. Visa Cash App RB

Welcome back, Toro Rosso?

RB - formerly AlphaTauri - checked all the boxes for its 2024 challenger. A unique color scheme inspired by another classic livery? Check. A ton of paint? Check. RB provided a glimmer of hope in what was, for the most part, a soulless livery reveal period. While the white strip at the top of the nose makes the car resemble a holiday-themed chocolate wrapper, it's only a minor blemish on an otherwise exciting and refreshing design.

4. Red Bull

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Yes, Red Bull has done a copy-and-paste job for their livery yet again, but there's no reason for change considering the design has become synonymous with winning. The only significant alteration seems to have come from a technical perspective with a new shoulder-like engine cover.

3. McLaren

Mostly the same but a little different, McLaren opted for slightly less flashiness in 2024. The papaya is still prominent, but the baby blue that was featured liberally last year is all gone. On a grid lacking color, it's a shame to see McLaren opt for more black. However, the orange remains incredible, and it's still one of the best-looking cars on any circuit.

2. Ferrari

A true work of art - precisely what you'd expect from the iconic Italian outfit. Incorporating more yellow accents - perhaps taking some inspiration from Ferrari's Hypercar program - makes the SF-24 stand out from some of its more generic peers in the paddock. If Charles Leclerc and the outgoing Carlos Sainz can build off a strong finish to last season and fight at the front consistently in 2024, this beauty will get the camera time it deserves.

1. Mercedes

The return of the Silver Arrow. Despite being the same color as carbon fiber, Mercedes' W15 stands out by merging its classic look with some modern touches. It's almost too fitting that Lewis Hamilton's final rides with Mercedes will feature a silver body and nose that became iconic during the team's dominance in the late 2010s. Pairing that with some sleek black, which has become Mercedes' recent style and was featured prominently during the team's most recent constructors title on the W12 in 2021, makes this one for the ages.

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