PHOTO: Liverpool unveil 2014-15 away kit

May 14, 11:08 AM

Liverpool unveiled their new away kit for the 2014-15 season on Wednesday.

Prepare your eyes: it's about to get bright in here.

Gerrard looks less than impressed. As does defender Mamadou Sakho, who looks downright distraught by the all-yellow look.

What the players are supposed to be 'demanding' exactly is unclear. Maybe a better kit with more than two colors in it?

Perhaps simple superstition can explain the design. After all, Liverpool just completed their best season since 2008-09 with an away kit that drew widespread criticism for being the ugliest thing to grace a football pitch since Ronaldinho's teeth (before his operation).

This is worse, which suggests they should be able to eclipse their second-place finish from this year and capture the title in 2014-15.

Feature photo courtesy of Action Images/Andrew Coulridge

Apr 10, 2:12 PM

PHOTO: Liverpool reveal 2014-15 home kit

Apr 10, 2:12 PM

Liverpool unveiled their new kit for the 2014-15 season on Thursday. 

[Courtesy: talkSport]

The most noticeable change from past reiterations is the white piping. Liverpool explained what else is new in an official statement: 

The 2014-15 strip has been produced using War-Tech, Warrior's signature apparel technology system, with benefits of the fabric including a highly breathable shirt as well as moisture-wicking to keep players dry.

Now, if Warrior can fix the abomination that is Liverpool's away kit, then we're all good.