Senators' Methot on contract talks: 'I'm really not comfortable the team wants to do anything'

11m ago

Ottawa Senators defenseman Marc Methot appears to be increasingly discouraged with the non-progress in contract extension talks with the club. With the two sides apparently only $300,000 apart in terms of valuation, Methot doesn't seem to think the Senators have much of an appetite to retain his services.

"It's at the stage where I'm really not comfortable that the team wants to do anything (on a new deal)," Methot told the Ottawa Sun on Tuesday.

For his part, Methot believes he's done enough to prove he's open to accepting the old "hometown discount," dropping his original request from $5.5 million to an even $5 million per year. Methot's agent, Ottawa lawyer Larry Kelly, claims the team's last offer was 4.7 million over five years, casting shade on general manager Bryan Murray's claim that the two sides are far apart.

Methot reiterated his preference is to remain in Ottawa long term.

"(Kelly) feels that I've given a lot more than I need to be giving," said Methot. "I've done that because I love this city and I love the fans here. 

"I don't want a trade," he continued. "Everyone knows, it's not a secret I want to play here. I'd be lying if I said otherwise. It's a treat to be able to play in front of my family and my friends. I've always got a ton of positive support from all the fans. Everyone loves I'm from the area and whatnot. I'm happy here. You're playing in Canada and it's fun."

The 29-year-old registered 23 points and a 52.1 Corsi For rating in 75 games last season.

Feature photo courtesy of USA TODAY Sports/Kevin Hoffman