J.J. Watt 'lived that Rocky lifestyle' to train in offseason

May 2, 11:07 PM

J.J Watt may already be one of the best defensive players on the planet, but that's just not good enough for the Houston Texans defensive end. Speaking before his charity softball game Friday, Watt detailed his offseason training and it had a distinct Rocky Balboa feel to it.

"I kind of just, more, went into a hole," Watt said, via ESPN. "You just climb into a hole and you just want to work out of it. And so I kind of went to Wisconsin, put a mattress in my buddy's dining room or his apartment and just kind of lived that Rocky lifestyle for a little bit, where you don't do a whole lot of media, you don't do a lot [of] events, you work."

No word on if Watt had "Heart's on Fire" playing on repeat on his iPod during the training sessions.

Watt's decision to avoid distractions and head back to Wisconsin to train appears to have paid off. He was able to put in the best offseason workout of his career and looks poised for a big season in 2014.

"As long as you can keep the balance right, you can do it the right way," Watt said. "But this is definitely the hardest offseason I've put myself through from a training standpoint. And I can tell. I feel great."

Feature photo courtesy of Reuters/Thomas Campbell-USA TODAY Sports