Lionel Hollins compares Memphis to 'back in the stone age when you didn't have electricity'

July 16, 9:03 PM

Lionel Hollins is firing shots left and right these days.

Upon taking over as the Brooklyn Nets' new head coach earlier this month, Hollins immediately took a swipe at the franchise's former head coach Jason Kidd, who was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks after seeking more - and arguably unreasonable - control of the Nets.

And on Wednesday, while talking about his new home with Lenn Robbins of the Nets' official website, Hollins surely made an enemy or two in Memphis, where he coached between 2008 and 2013, in addition to two previous interim stints.

Per Yahoo! Sports:

I'm pretty comfortable with New York. I just never thought I'd be living here ... especially after being 12 years in Memphis. Memphis is like, compared to New York, it's back in the stone age when you didn't have electricity or something. That's not a knock on Memphis, just a contrast in how developed and how unbelievably electric New York is versus Memphis. People are laid back, they move slow, they talk slow, drag their words out.  Here everybody talks too fast.

Not a knock? Sorry, Hollins, but most people in Memphis will disagree with you on that one.

Hollins was relieved as head coach of the Grizzlies following the 2012-13 season, despite having led the team to franchise-record winning percentages in consecutive seasons as well as the Western Conference finals.

Feature photo courtesy of Reuters/Spruce Derden