Julius Randle refutes report about pending foot surgery

June 12, 2:05 PM

Julius Randle took to Twitter on Thursday to refute reports that he may require surgery to remove a screw from his surgically repaired right foot after the draft.

The original report from Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski indicated that several teams are concerned that not dealing with the issue now could lead to problems down the road.

It's unclear whether Randle is denying that he will have the procedure, which was never firmly reported, or just Wojnarowski's report that teams are concerned. Wojnarowski, who rarely gets anything wrong, is probably well sourced on what teams are thinking, perhaps even more so than Randle's camp.

In any case, Randle should tread lightly. Woj is the Don Mega of basketball reporting. You come at the king, you best not miss, and all that.

July 2, 9:06 PM

Report: Lakers no. 7 pick Randle does not need foot surgery, cleared to play

July 2, 9:06 PM

Los Angeles Lakers fans: breath a sigh of relief.

Reports surfaced that Randle, the forward the Lakers just drafted seventh overall out of Kentucky, may have had a screw loose in his surgically repaired foot. However, it now appears that the issue was much ado about nothing, and Randle is fit to play. 

Feature photo courtesy of USA Today Sports/Brad Penner

July 1, 3:38 PM

Lakers' No. 7 pick Julius Randle to see foot specialist on Wednesday

July 1, 3:38 PM

While the team expressed a belief that No. 7 pick Julius Randle would not require surgery as some pre-draft reports suggested, the Los Angeles Lakers will send their lottery selection for an examination on Wednesday just to be sure.

Randle, who had surgery on his right foot in high school and still has a screw inserted there, will head to Indiana to get checked out:

Should Randle require the screw to be removed, the procedure is expected to be a relatively minor one, though it could obviously sideline him for a chunk of the offseason.

June 30, 3:16 PM

Lakers don't expect No. 7 pick Julius Randle to need foot surgery

June 30, 3:16 PM

Despite pre-draft reports to the contrary, Julius Randle may not need surgery to remove a screw from his surgically repaired right foot after all.

Leading up to the draft, Randle's camps refuted reports that some teams were concerned about the long-term stability of his foot, which was originally repaired in high school. Reports indicated that some teams were more worried than others, though most thought some surgery would be needed at some point.

The Los Angeles Lakers, who made Randle the seventh overall pick on Thursday, don't believe that will be necessary any time soon.

To be thorough, Randle underwent another physical on Monday, the same day he was introduced to local media. The team will get results later in the week but, again, they're not expecting Randle to be anything but fine.

Once cleared, Randle will settle in for offseason work, something he knows is a must because "I've been warned" what it's like to be teammates with Kobe Bryant.

June 19, 8:27 AM

Julius Randle thinks reports about foot could have been leaked by teams hoping he falls

June 19, 8:27 AM

The lead up to the NBA draft is a difficult time to navigate as a fan and a news reader. There is a ton of information out there, but it can be of varying qualities, and teams obviously have certain incentives to reveal certain information, or misinformation.

Kentucky product Julius Randle thinks that may have been at play last week when reports surfaced that some teams were worried about his surgically repaired right foot.

Randle has denied the report that some teams feel he'll need surgery to remove a screw from the foot in order to improve the long-term health of his hoof, citing experts he's visited independently.

“I think a lot of it is coming from maybe some teams (whose) motive is maybe for me to fall in the draft to them, or certain teams may want me,” Randle told ESPN Los Angeles.

That's not the most far-fetched idea, though it's rare to hear a player suggest it outright. If that was a team's intention, however, it may have worked - ESPN's latest mock draft has Randle sliding to No. 10, even though he hadn't been lower than No. 7 as far back as September.

It worked, but if Randle were to find out his suspicions are correct, that would threaten to start off his tenure with his new team on the...wrong foot.

Feature photo courtesy of USA Today Sports/Bob Donnan

June 17, 3:22 PM

Julius Randle continues to deny foot issue but stock may be slipping

June 17, 3:22 PM

Julius Randle worked out for the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday, and naturally his post-workout media availability was quick to bring up his reported foot issues.

As a refresher, reports surfaced last week that some teams thought Randle would need surgery to remove a screw from his surgically repaired right foot, but Randle vehemently denied those claims. He was back at it on Tuesday:

Unfortunately for Randle, only some teams feel the same way, according to ESPN's Chad Ford, enough that he now pegs Randle go 10th overall instead of seventh, where the Lakers pick.

Randle seems to hope Ford is wrong and he winds up in L.A. alongside Kobe Bryant:

Hopefully for Randle, then, the Lakers are one of the teams that aren't that concerned with his foot.

June 13, 12:51 PM

Julius Randle: No plans for surgery on foot, pain-free, teams know

June 13, 12:51 PM

Julius Randle worked out for the Boston Celtics on Friday and naturally his post-workout media availability focused a great deal on the report from earlier in the week that he would need surgery after the draft.

Randle refuted the report on Twitter on Thursday but doubled down with greater detail on Friday.

So Randle's fine and his team likes what they see in medical evaluations, but the reports were about concern from NBA teams. Randle did his best to squash that, as well.

Of course, the report came from Adrian Wojnarowski, who is rarely incorrect, so there are probably at least a couple of teams concerned. Maybe those aren't the teams looking at Randle most closely, however.

Randle worked out by himself for the Celtics, for whatever that's worth, citing that it's a safer environment for avoiding injury.

June 12, 9:49 AM

Report: Some NBA teams worried about Julius Randle's foot

June 12, 9:49 AM

When news broke Wednesday that NBA draft prospect Julius Randle would require surgery to remove a screw from his surgically repaired right foot, it came with an acknowledgement that the situation wasn't considered serious enough to hurt his draft stock.

Now that the news is out there for all teams to digest, however, some are calling his status into question.

In particular, some teams are reportedly concerned that the foot didn't heal properly. Randle broke the foot as a high school senior, missing three months, and the initial report was that the screw is being removed as a "precautionary procedure."

"This is an issue," an executive told ESPN.com on Thursday morning, and their report indicates that teams are worried about the foot becoming a problem some time in the future.

Randle's draft range is thought to begin around No. 6 and there was previously little concern he'd slip out of the top 10. Now, however, with so many comparable options in a very deep draft, concern over the foot could conceivably see him slide on draft night.

On the bright side for Randle, he's still working out for teams and is expected to be ready for training camp in the fall, so some teams may not be scared off by a hypothetical long-term what-if when faced with an exciting prospect who can help immediately.

Feature photo courtesy of USA Today/Mark Zerof

June 12, 3:43 AM

Report: Julius Randle 'likely' needs right foot surgery, will miss 6-to-8 weeks this summer

June 12, 3:43 AM

Kentucky Wildcats forward Julius Randle, a projected top-10 pick on June 26 in the NBA draft, "likely needs surgery on his right foot," reports Yahoo Sports' Adrian Wojnarowski. 

The procedure - to remove a screw in his right foot, which he broke two years ago as a high school senior - will happen after the draft, and Randle will miss six to eight weeks, including summer league, Wojnarowski adds.

Randle, 6-foot-9 and 250 pounds, expects to be cleared for training camp in September, and will continue with scheduled workouts - he's in Boston on Friday. He hasn't experienced any pain in his foot, and it didn't cause him any trouble this past season in Kentucky. 

Wojnarowski writes that the surgery won't affect Randle's draft fortunes, and that most teams were told of his status at the pre-draft combine:

His draft stock isn't expected to be impacted because of the surgery, league executives said. Several executives said they considered this a minor issue.

Randle averaged 15 points and 10.4 rebounds in his freshman year, shooting 50 percent from the floor, and 70 percent from the free-throw line. He was an integral part of a Wildcats team that lost the NCAA Tournament championship game to Connecticut in April. 

We'll give Woj the final word. He's earned it: "[Randle's] considered one of the most tenacious and skilled inside players in the draft class."