Longwood player charged with felony malicious wounding after dance-off gone bad

4:01 PM

Longwood University junior Shaquille Johnson was charged with a felony of malicious wounding in Farmville, VA. stemming from an August 31 incident.

According to Farmville Police Chief Doug Mooney, via The Rotunda, the incident in question began with Johnson and a student from Hampden Sydney College engaging in a dance-off.

Yes, a dance-off.

Via The Rotunda:

Mooney speculates Johnson was angered, or unhappy about the conclusion of the dance off and then allegedly struck Doman in the mouth knocking out several of his teeth. Doman was taken to the hospital shortly after the altercation.

Perhaps Johnson was dissatisfied with the results of the applause-o-meter.

In all seriousness, Johnson was dismissed from Auburn after being charged with possession of marijuana in 2013.

Feature photo courtesy of Getty/Frederick Breedon