PHOTO: Evidence of a supporter pointing a laser at Russia's keeper?

June 26, 7:03 PM

Before Islam Silmani's game-tying goal from a set piece, cameras captured a green light on the face of the Russian keeper seconds before the free kick was taken.

Keeper Igor Akinfeev was even seen gesturing at someone, but it's unknown whether he was trying to get the attention of the referee or a teammate as the green light moved over his body and face.

But when televisions showed the reverse angle of Algeria's equalizing goal, they appear to have captured the suspect who was pointing a green laser into the eyes of Russian keeper.

There's still no word on whether he was impacted by the light.

Check out the vine below to see more of the green light in Akinfeev's face.

Feature photo courtesy of REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

June 30, 3:43 PM

FIFA fines Algeria for the actions of its supporters in Brazil

June 30, 3:43 PM

FIFA hit the Algerian Football Federation (FAF) with a fine of over $55,000 USD for the poor behavior of their fans during World Cup matches in Brazil.

Though it was not described as a reason for the fine, one incident that stands out occurred in the African nation's final group stage match against Russia when a green laser was pointed at Russian keeper Igor Akinfeev's body and face moments before Algeria scored the equalizing goal. The goal eventually won Algeria advancement to the knockout round when the two teams finished the match tied, 1-1.

Later in the match, television cameras appeared to catch the perpetrator (see post below) shining the laser towards the keeper. 

Russian manager Fabio Capello was adamant that the light played a role in the Algerian goal, saying the laser blinded Akinfeev.

The FAF responded Monday, and after outlining the penalties issued by FIFA, said:

The Algerian Football Federation deplores the irresponsible behaviour of some fans and recalls that pyrotechnics and lasers are strictly prohibited in the football grounds. 

FAF launches an appeal to all fans who come to support their national team that they act with civility and have impeccable behaviour when expressing their support for their team. 

This will prevent a new sanction which, after received blame, could mean a suspension.

Feature photo courtesy of REUTERS/Damir Sagolj

June 27, 10:54 AM

Fabio Capello says laser beam is to blame for Algeria goal

June 27, 10:54 AM

Russia manager Fabio Capello is convinced the green laser beam focused on his keeper's face contributed to the goal that sent his team crashing out of the World Cup.

“He was blinded by the laser beam,” Capello said, via the Guardian.

The television broadcast showed a green light shining on keeper Igor Akinfeev's body and face in the moments leading up to Algeria's set piece. The keeper was seen gesturing before the free kick was sent into the box, but it's unclear whether he was trying to get the attention of the referee or a Russian defender. Moments later, Islam Silmani scored the goal to send Algeria into the knockout round.

“There are pictures. You can see that in the footage. This not an excuse, it is a fact. There was a laser. I have never come up with excuses to get by in my entire life.”

While the Italian was upset with the circumstances that led up to the goal, he did not want to detract from Algeria's achievement and praised the African nation.

Feature photo courtesy of Action Images/Jason Cairnduff

June 26, 5:36 PM

VIDEO: Did someone shine a laser on Russia's Akinfeev before Algeria goal?

June 26, 5:36 PM

This was a strange moment in the Russia-Algeria match on Thursday: It looked like someone from the crowd had a green laser and was shining it in Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev's face before the free kick that led to an Algeria goal by Islam Silmani.

Russia needed to win in order to move onto the last 16, and for South Korea to lose to Belgium or draw.