VIDEO: Neymar, two Ronaldos star in epic animated Nike ad

June 10, 10:30 AM

Others continue to push the envelope with their advertising game, but Nike simply remains a class above.

The manufacturing giant's latest World Cup offering showcases once again that in the world of football marketing, the swoosh reigns supreme.

A five-minute animated short film starring the likes of Neymar, Cristiano Ronaldo and Zlatan Ibrahimovic, this is sure to whet your appetite for the tournament.

Titled "The Last Game," the ad attempts to show what would become of the game if players were replaced by perfect clones who were incapable of making mistakes or taking risks.

Desolate over the state of the sport, the other Ronaldo rounds up the originals - pulling them away from their hilariously accurate 'real world' jobs - for a grudge match against the invincible clones.

Winner takes all. Loser goes home.

[Courtesy: Nike]

Absolutely brilliant.

Feature photo courtesy of Reuters