Bruins F Milan Lucic: 'Done trying to defend the city I'm from'

Dec 16, 12:40 PM

Allegedly a victim of an "unprovoked attack" in a Vancouver nightclub after the Boston Bruins were drubbed 6-2 by the Canucks Saturday night, Vancouver-native Bruins forward Milan Lucic has sworn off his hometown, with the incident proving to be the final straw. 

According to ESPN's Joe McDonald, Lucic says he was minding his own business before being attacked inside the nightclub - to which he promises, will never happen again.  

On Sunday night, video surfaced of an enraged Lucic appearing to square up with an unidentified man before being separated by onlookers and police. And, although there is no footage of any physical contact, Lucic repeats that the man hit him multiple times, in a profanity-laced tirade (warning: explicit language).

McDonald adds that Lucic will consider legal action.