Michel Therrien asked Ranger coaches to leave Canadiens' practice

May 24, 3:07 PM

With the Eastern Conference final grinding to a halt due to off days, players and coaches are doing everything in their capability to keep the pot boiling.  

Montreal Canadiens head coach Michel Therrien reportedly had to ask members of the New York Rangers' coaching staff to leave the vicinity after breaking a "gentleman's agreement" apparently understood league-wide. 

Ulf Samuelsson, a former on-ice agitator, was reportedly among the Rangers coaches who plead ignorance after being instructed to leave the arena. 

May 25, 5:29 PM

Report: NHL officials met with Michel Therrien to discuss practice controversy

May 25, 5:29 PM

The war of words between the Montreal Canadiens and New York Rangers in advance of Game 4 of the Eastern Conference final was not lost on National Hockey League officials, per Pierre LeBrun of ESPN.

LeBrun added there are mixed feelings around the league in terms of the unwritten rules of watching another team's practice.

Thankfully, actual hockey resumes Sunday, where all eyes will be on Game 4.

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May 25, 2:49 PM

Alain Vigneault defends Rangers' coaching staff: 'We were treated very unfairly'

May 25, 2:49 PM

After Sunday's morning skate, New York Rangers head coach Alain Vigneault took the opportunity to deflect criticism away from his staff and onto his coaching counterpart. 

Montreal's Michel Therrien was incensed after spotting Vigneault's assistants, Ulf Samuellson and Jerry Dineen, scouting Canadiens' practice the day prior. He claimed that the Rangers had broken a "gentleman's agreement" that had been brokered prior to the series.  

Vigneault vehemently denied such consent. 

"There is no rule," he said. "There was no agreement between both teams. That is the exception, not the rule. I've been asked in the past to do this on a couple of occasions. Usually the coach calls me or the [general manager]. 

"[It] never happened."

Vigneault quickly went on the offensive, stoking the war of words between the two clubs that is beginning to upstage the game. 

"What happened yesterday was uncalled for and without a doubt my staff handled it with a lot of class, just like our team - play whistle-to-whistle, don't get involved with the other stuff. Very regrettable. This is the National Hockey League. That type of behavior, we're lucky it didn't escalate."

Katie Strang of ESPNNewYork.com spoke with Rangers general manager Glen Sather, who supported his coach and denied any pre-series pact. 

"Absolutely none."

When given the opportunity to rebuttal, Therrien softened his stance; he spoke of the friendship he and Vigneault have temporarily put on hold. 

Hockey will resume Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET.

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May 25, 10:04 AM

VIDEO: Incensed Michel Therrien spots Rangers coaches at practice

May 25, 10:04 AM

While unable to confirm whether Michel Therrien did indeed broker a gentleman's agreement with the New York Rangers, "Coach's Corner" was able to provide evidence of the coach's fury.

The CBC had the cameras rolling Saturday when Therrien spotted Ulf Samuelsson and other members of the Rangers coaching staff watching the Canadiens at practice. 

Skip ahead to the 3:45 mark for Therrien's rage, along with Don Cherry's take. 

Feature photo courtesy of USA TODAY Sports/James Guillory