VIDEO: NBA ranks top-10 blocks, assists, crossovers of 2013-14 season

Aug 14, 8:40 AM

The NBA continues to fill the offseason downtime by reminding us of just how good the 2013-14 NBA season was.

A few days after releasing the best dunks of the campaign (and really, that's the big one when it comes to maintaining your excitement in the doldrums of early August), the league has released the best blocks, assists and crossovers, as well.

Let's start with the blocks, where LeBron James starts things off with a vicious swat against his former team, and some flying dreadlocks wrap things up.

Some people in Canada are going to be upset with No. 6, for sure.

While blocked shots are an exciting display of power, it's deft passing that makes basketball the beautiful game it is. Poetry in motion, and all that. 

Have a look at the top-10 dishes, starting with a memorable playoff highlight and closing with one of the most underrated passers in basketball.

The final video is more for the AND1 crew, with the league showing off the best ankle-breaking moves of the season, in no particular order. Eat your heart out, Hot Sauce.

Feature photo courtesy of USA Today Sports/Mark D. Smith

Aug 21, 10:04 AM

VIDEO: Best of 2013-14 Phantom Cam dunks

Aug 21, 10:04 AM

One of the coolest off-court developments in the NBA last season was the increased use of the Phantom Cam, a slow-motion, high-speed, high-def camera that can turn violent dunks into slower, more appreciable works.

There's little as exciting as an explosive throw-down, but there's also nothing as majestic as the artistry apparent in a slow-motion jam. The body control, the creativity and the difficulty are all made manifest through a finer lens. 

Have a look at this past season's top dunks captured with the Phantom Cam:

Feature photo courtesy of USA Today Sports/Bob Donnan

Aug 12, 4:55 PM

VIDEO: The best dunks of the 2013-14 season

Aug 12, 4:55 PM

The San Antonio Spurs were crowned kings of the NBA at the end of the 2013-14 season after a brilliant display of shooting, ball movement, defense, and discipline. 

Those characteristics are all well and good, but basketball fans around the world also love dunks, dunks, and more dunks. 

Be sure to keep the Spurs in mind while you enjoy this 15-minute compilation of the best slams from the most recent NBA season. 

Feature photo courtesy of USA TODAY Sports/David Richard