VIDEO: Chile's World Cup ad featuring miners will make you a fan of La Roja

June 13, 10:10 PM

Group B features Australia, Chile, Netherlands, and Spain, leading many to believe it's one of the most difficult groups of the 2014 World Cup. 

Despite being considered as a lethal and impressive team, Chile still featured an uphill battle to exit the group stages, but with Spain losing its opening match against Netherlands Friday, the faith in La Roja intensified. 

Chile started the tournament off strong against Argentina, but managed a narrow 3-1 victory over the Socceroos, and might need to view this motivational advertisement from the Chilean minors prior to its next match against Netherlands.

The "Nothing is impossible for a Chilean" video features the 33 miners who were trapped for 70 days underneath the Earth's surface. The Banco de Chile advertisement features Mario Sepulveda, who became the face of the trapped miners, who explains La Roja shouldn't fear the group of death, and that a Chilean is capable of overcoming anything. 

Feature photo courtesy of Reuters/Eric Gaillard