Eric Byrnes: HOF-caliber player told me he used PEDs

Sep 3, 6:50 PM

Eric Byrnes is three years removed from baseball and three years into a broadcasting career. It wasn't until Tuesday, though, that he really dove into the issue of performance enhancing drugs in baseball.

Byrnes wrote a long piece - "Confessions Of A 'Steroid Era' Career" - in which he thought aloud about what constitutes cheating and how many Hall of Famers may have cheated.

There are two passages, in particular, that are likely to draw a lot of attention, as Byrnes accounted stories of Hall of Fame or near-Hall of Fame players who admitted using PEDs to him.

Disturbingly, not long ago I was having dinner with a former long time Major League player that spoke about the steroid use of a prominent Hall of Famer that played the majority of his career in the 70′s and 80′s.

My first year out of the game, I ran into a borderline HOF caliber player and the issue of steroids came up… He proceeded to tell me that he played his entire career steroid free until he realized his time was coming to an end and he became willing to do anything to hang on… For the final 2 years of his career, he used performance enhancing drugs.

And let the speculation begin.

The whole piece is worth a read, as he also went through his decision process as a player when faced with the PED decision.