Commissioner Silver on Sterling process: 'My confidence is high,' 'We're doing the right thing'

May 20, 6:43 PM

Adam Silver spoke to assembled media ahead of Tuesday night's NBA draft lottery and, naturally, the topic of Donald Sterling came up.

Silver was steadfast that he believes the process - which continues with a formal hearing on June 3, as discussed in the storyline below - is moving in the right direction and that the NBA will eventually be able to force Sterling's sale of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Silver also confirmed that the league believes that if Donald Sterling's ownership is terminated, so will that of Shelly Sterling.

Amusingly, Silver also said that if Sterling wanted to sell the team on his own, the league would allow it, as unlikely as that seems. Silver also seems like a man who hasn't lightened in his stance on Sterling's remarks:

Feature photo courtesy of USA Today Sports/Andy Marlin