PHOTO: Sculpture of Kobe Bryant being bitten on Achilles by a Black Mamba

Aug 17, 6:55 PM

Artwork inspired by NBA players doesn't seem to be all that rare, especially for players as popular as Kobe Bryant. In fact, there are several statues of Bryant in existence, with notable designs at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine arts Sculpture Museum and Nike's House of Mamba in China.

The latest to surface, however, is incredibly unique and creative. 

Currently on display at the "Conscious 3" Basketball Art Exhibition in Taipei, Taiwan (and please, some notice when such an exhibition is coming to North America), "Achilles" is a fiber glass reinforced plastic sculpture of Bryant lifting basketball while coiled by a Black Mamba snake, which is biting his Achilles tendon.

The imagery here should be obvious, and the sculpture is quite impressive.

Please put us down for one (once a very inexpensive replica is available for purchase).

[Photos courtesy Lakers Nation]

Feature photo courtesy of Reuters/Pichi Chuang