Brian Burke: Flames 'prepared to spend to the cap'

With the NHL's salary cap set to rise to around $71 million next season, one team that appears ready and willing to climb with it is the Calgary Flames.

Spoeaking on Sportsnet the Fan590's Hockey Central program on Monday, Flames president of hockey operation Brian Burke said his team has the means to be a cap team in the present, and intends "to be a cap team at all times."

Well, we’re budgeted to spend to the cap now. I know if you look at where we are now salary-wise, we’ve got cap room. We’re able to make some significant moves here at the trade deadline if they present themselves.

We’re not just going to spend money to spend money. But our ownership group is committed to cap dollars. We are prepared to spend to the cap the moment we see value there.

As the cap goes up, that’s something from a revenue standpoint we should be able to keep pace with. Once we see the value, we intend to be a cap team at all times.

At present, the Flames - 26th in the NHL with a record of 11-14-4 - have committed approximately $55 million to salaries this season, and are set to have $30 in available cap space heading into next season (according to Capgeek). 

Put it all together, and the Flames rebuild may be expedited as the team continues to be constructed around the likes of promising young forward Sean Monahan.