NFL hires outside advisers to shape domestic-violence policy

12:34 PM

Amidst controversy over its handling of the Ray Rice case, the NFL has announced the hiring of three outside advisers and counselors to help implement its new domestic-violence policy.

In a memo sent to teams and staff Monday, commissioner Roger Goodell announced Anna Isaacson as the league's new vice president of social responsibility. Isaacson previously served as vice president for community relations and philanthropy.

Goodell also announced the hirings of Lisa Friel, Jane Randel, and Rita Smith, who will ''help lead and shape the NFL's policies and programs relating to domestic violence and sexual assault."

Friel previously served as the head of the sex crimes prosecution unit at the New York County District Attorney's Office. Randall is the co-founder of No More, a campaign to end domestic violence and sexual assault. Smith is the former executive director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence.

"The NFL also will continue to work with former NFL player Joe Ehrmann and his organization, Coach For America, and Tony Porter and his organization, A CALL TO MEN, to expand the scope of life-skills training and education for those associated with the game of football at all levels," Goodell wrote in the memo. 

"Ehrmann and Porter, both of whom have met with clubs as part of our annual professional development sessions, will continue to educate your personnel and communities about character, respect and professionalism."

Feature photo courtesy of Reuters/Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports